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  1. I also worked for Computa Guard in 1986/7 as an alarm service engineer. The correct spelling of the parent company is Mayne Nickless ltd, named after the two founders John and Enoch respectively, in 1886. If you search them as Mayne Nickless there’s quite a bit on the web nothing I can find on Computa Guard though.
    I too remember the HSCT controls although I never had any formal training on it so my knowledge ends there.

  2. Mayne Nickless Group (major company) became obselete in Australia in the 1990’s. One of its divisions was a security company called MSS Security which included alarm monitoring. Among other alarm panels, MSS Security installed ‘COMPUTA GARD’ alarm systems for clients which used dedicated ‘COMPUTA GARD’ software for the alarm monitoring of these panels. The software program was written so brilliantly that I have personally never found another computer program (of any description) that even comes close to its brilliance. The highest commendations to the creator.

  3. Hi
    I worked for Computa-Guard in Nottingham when it first started in the UK in 1979,as a engineer fitting alarms,until i left in 1985,it bought Hornet Alarms which had offices in Sheffield,Leicester and Scunthorpe in 1983 and expanded around the country after that until sold.
    We put the C&G bell box sticker on ourselves and made the insides up with a 6″ bell and deac battery unit,lid micro switch and in 1982 fitted strobes to the underside,firm to tight to have had them made up previous.
    Yes a Aussie firm Mayne Nicholas,with their HSCT system that later on was taken out and used in Belgium so i was told.
    Cheers, Stephen Casey

  4. Hi:) Happy Christmas. Computer Guard were originally a Nottinghamshire based company. They were aquired by the group who purchased Custodian Central Station. You refer to Mayne Nichols group above, although for some reason I seem to think it was Mayne Nichols group Group. I also remembered an Austrail link. I searched the internet and refer you to: You correctly state that they later went on to become Security Express Alarms, who, when searching company’s house, have company number 00411016. The name Security Express Alarms was in deed a change of name from Hornet Alarms, a company I remember, but remember not a lot about. Security Express Alarms Limited is a dormant company. If someone had told me 20 years ago that as I got older I would forget the detail of whom owned whom and that I should write it down I would have called them a liar. Its a real shame. I used to know all this information. I think some one (with maybe more time and plenty of sun….Mike…..? should do a UK Burglar alarm company family tree.

    • What time, it’s true what they say that you have no spare time when you retire. No tree I’m afraid my memory has gone, I remember the odd snippet.

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