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“Avant Garde”, Islington: advance guard

Avant Garde

“Avant Garde” burglar alarm, Islington • Originally French for “advance guard”, these days avant garde means being somewhat ahead of the times. Generally the term refers to artists, but I don’t see why burglar alarms shouldn’t be included too. • Spotted: Caledonian Road, Islington, London, N1, England, 2012 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Islington South and Finsbury

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  1. In the early 90s we used to take over some of their systems if they required a maintenance contract with a NACOSS company. The owner was Asian who mostly installed systems in shops, they definately were not ahead of the time, if anything they were behind.
    In forty odd years in the industry I rarely had a box or even a system attacked, it’s not Mission Impossible out there and the burglars are not James Bond, the Standards for alarms have never been as perfect as perhaps they should have been, but then look at who compiles them.

  2. Not sure if Avant Guard are still around. They used to be in Croydon. H type polycarbonate bell box. The strobe light, mounted on the front is non compliant. Our regulators state that a strobe light, mounted like this could be used as a lasso point to pull the bell from the wall – we have all done it at some point – until the regulators started pulling us all up on it. The strobe would probably break off before the bell actually came of the wall, but their you are

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