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“ASG Security”, Falmouth: sacrilege

ASG Security

“ASG Security” burglar alarm, Falmouth • Oh sacrilege. You can just about see, underneath this sticker, the superb original Alarm Service Group design, which I eulogise here. Somebody went and replaced it with this awkward three-letter monogram, which remains unexplained, despite repeating the initials twice. • Spotted: Killigrew Street, Falmouth, Cornwall, TR11, England, 2012 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Truro and Falmouth

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  1. IIRC Alarms Service Group was sold to Protection one,

    The ARC was intrgrated into MASCO’s

    Protection One pulled out the UK & ADT got the systems ect..

    • Round our way a lot of them went to OCS. As in, the stickers and service sheets stayed exactly the same apart from the OCS logo replacing the ASG ones (which replaced the CITY ones).

  2. To the untrained eye it almost looks like someone put a sticker of an older 70’s logo over the newer 80’s – 90’s one! Maybe it’s some sort of local MBO reaction to them going bust?

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