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“Lingfield Alarm Supplies”, East Grinstead: local

Lingfield Alarm Supplies Co Ltd

“Lingfield Alarm Supplies Co Ltd” burglar alarm, East Grinstead • An attractive building-block monogram for what sounds like a small local company, yet I also found an ancient LAS sounder in Bath once – which is rather a long way from Lingfield on the sleepy Surrey border. Maybe it’s one of those DIY jobbies. • Spotted: London Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19, England, 2004 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Sussex Mid

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  1. Lingfield Alarm Supplies was owned by Jimmy Hohne who delivered equipment to small companies in the 60s & 70s. He sold equipment made by companies like Scotts in Caterham and Elmdene when they were in Middlesex, he was an alternative company to the large companies such as Sesco and AES until Geoff Gardner revolutionized the alarm supply industry in the late 70s.
    He later started employing staff and installing alarms in the 80s and 90s. Steve Rousell ran the alarm installations during this time, the company name changed to L.S.Security in 1992 and moved to East Grinstead, sadly Jimmy is no longer with us.
    Moving to another favourite subject Lander Alarms, Scotts was Lander’s first company in their London region when Scotts got into financial problems in 1982 and Landers took over their debts and maintenance contracts.

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