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ADK, Bolton: parcel


“ADK” burglar alarm, Bolton • This is somewhat unreadable, I’m just guessing it says ADK. I like the Union Jack “parcel” on the left. • Spotted: Bridge Street, Bolton, Lancashire, BL1, England, 2010 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Bolton North East

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  1. I worked for an ADK in Croydon London who sold to ADT in 2008. Anthony and Donna Kingsley retired from the police force and decided to start an alarm company, they called it ADK after their initials and soon regretted it because it was similar to ADT. It was Donna who went out fitting alarms until it grew enough for her to employ staff, while Anthony went off to be a security advisor for a very large company.
    Vici we haven’t seen this ADK box yet.

    • I do have an ADK – didn’t connect it with this as it’s very different. It hasn’t been featured yet due to not being super-exciting (understatement).

      • A useless piece of information but Vici you might like it being a designer. In the early days of Texecom’s expansion they went the extra mile to get new business, so when they approached ADK they were asked to supply the sounder box with the strobe colour in one of ADK’s colours which ended up being a sort of mauve colour, the Oydessey 3E is a very popular box but the ADK boxes possibly have a unique colour.

  2. ADK are a DIY shop specialising in intruder and CCTV products. They had a stack of bell box stickers on the counter for anyone who wanted one. They are a very common site around Bolton areas.

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