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Western Technologies, Brighton: big W

Western Technologies Limited

“Western Technologies Limited Armour Flash” burglar alarm, Brighton • A nice big W amidst Bridget Riley-ish op-art waves, actually found in the south east. • Spotted: Gloucester Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1, England, 2010 • Politics: In the Green constituency of Brighton Pavilion

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  1. Just seen these in a clearance listing for a security supplier, happened to Google the model number as I couldn’t immediately place the sounder from the description and found

    I then thought to myself “I think I’ve seen something like this on Vici’s blog”.

    Imagine my surprise when I realised they were using Vici’s picture of an old rusty sounder to advertise their wares!

    Incidentally, a lot of their catalogue seems to be what is currently in the aforementioned stock clearance listing. Too confusing. Making me tired.

    • I would bet 101% they don’t own any of those items – that stock list is exactly the same as the clearance items offered to me by Norbain last week, right down to the quantities and descriptions (esp ‘req RKP’ on a part no. that would usually come with one. As it happens I bought the two stainless Westechs and 2 of the three Avanti panels for myself. Very, very odd… Vici, I would get a super expensive hot shot internet lawyer to serve them a takedown notice!

  2. I remember seeing the same sticker probably in the same catalogue.
    There is one of these stickers on my street but its on an ADE Sonade for some reason

  3. I used to use this brand of boxes, and as far as I know, the sticker was a generic one that was available from the manufacturer. Up until last year you could buy both box and sticker from an online wholesaler – who started out in the Brighton area!

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