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    • It was pre strobe days in the alarm industry, it was possibly just an ordinary light that would come on in alarm or flash via a crude timer circuit.

      • As usual, I agree with Mike. In this instance, the firm have gone to a lot of trouble. Whilst the bell box is an ‘S’ type, I have never seen this colour before, meaning that Houseguard either repainted them themselves or had them especially painted in that colour. In addition, they must have cut the sizable hole in the bottom of the bell box for the carters mini mite siren as well as the hole for the ‘strobe’ light and the lens fixing screws. All these are/were non-industry standard – it looks like they went to a lot of trouble.

        • This is a later model of what was originally called pilkerton house guard. In the first model had one tamper switch, bulb strobe with no timer, and a double ended siren. The idea of having a double ended siren is say if the bottom one got Jamed the the one inside would still run. When homeguard took over they put a sab inside and added a wall tamper. Not too sure what Detectors it had or panel.

  1. Over the years I have seen loads of these bells in the surrey area. The item sticking out the bottom is a carters mini mite siren. In that configuration as its not protected, it wouldn’t have been compliant. S type bell box. If anyone knows anything about this firm I would love to hear it. I have tried Google and nothing comes up.

    • This box was posted on May 7, 2011 with 6 comments, but I can’t bring it up when searching only through my old posts, Vici has it been deleted.
      Anyway Andy you are right about the siren, the company wasn’t NSCIA approved, in fact the bombshell is that the company was connected with Mumford & White would you believe. I think it was more with Mr Mumford as he was the metal side of M & W so probably made the boxes. At their old premises in Richmond Surrey there was plaque outside with Houseguard Security name on it possibly saying it was their registered office, this was probably around 1980.

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