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Tollgate, Bath: quaint

Tollgate Security Ltd

“Tollgate Security Ltd” burglar alarm, Bath • OK, so a tollgate is a gate for taking money, and not a house. But, in this drawing, it does look like a quaint little house. • Spotted: Manvers Street, Bath, Avon, BA1, England, 2011 • Politics: In the Liberal Democrat constituency of Bath


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  1. Oh no, its Tollgate that are still going – their logo is like this – – but in blue on a boring white bellbox the same design as the one above. I think the Widerange shop itself is long gone. Before Widerange it was called Bath Key and Security and I would be amazed if you ever see any of their old sirens left! (I’m assuming part of the shop deal was that the alarm side was swallowed up into Tollgate)

      • There is a real Friday afternoon effort above the Jane Austen museum, a hacked about white sticker over a blue triangular Chubb box!

  2. The original offices of Tollgate Security were on North Parade, Bath, which seamlessly morphs into a bridge for some of its way; I’m not entirely convinced that the bridge itself has any formal or separate name.

    I’m pretty sure that in this link – – it was the left hand former toll booth that was the office. Looking from the other side there is no bellbox clue, neither boxes are anything to do with Tollgate!

    At some point they appeared to merge with a more mainstream locks company (Widerange) in Widcombe with a high street presence, and assume offices were upstairs, the only clue being an excessive number of Tollgate boxes above the Widerange Locks sign for a small Georgian terrace shopfront.

    They are still going, albeit with a rather uninspring retro-fururistic logo made up of badly kerned text.

    • Also, thanks for the google streetview link – nice to see the actual tollgate that features on the alarm, it’s a good likeness.

      • Amazingly sad update following overnight boat stay on Pulteny Weir – the left hand toll booth ( DOES still have an old Tollgate alarm box – must have been a ‘very special’ head office only job, only ever seen on this building, its a stainless wedge type which has been ID’d on here before but not with a Tollgate logo.

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