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Somer 2000, Bristol: anvil

Somer 2000

“Somer 2000” burglar alarm, Bristol • A really unusual name and logo, which looks like a 1980s retro-futurist illustration of a communist-era anvil. However it may go back further than that: the Somer 2000 website informs us that the firm incorporates the vintage-sounding Sutton Transformers, whose logo this seems to be (note the S and T). The former were founded in 1995, the latter in 1975, so I’m not sure where the 2000 comes in (if it was meant to sound futuristic, they underestimated their longevity).  I still think that’s an anvil, with the lightning bolts shooting out – perhaps they made their transformers in a forge. • Spotted: Merchants Road, Bristol, Avon, England, 2013 • Politics: In the Liberal Democrat constituency of Bristol West

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  1. I was going to say something about names like ‘xxxxxx 2000’ sounded futuristic in the 70’s but obviously less so as the decades rolled on. I’ve not really seen any ‘xxxxxx 3000’ brands or anything to note as yet. I wonder when it becomes sensibly futuristic, 2960 something? Will everything be so futuristic in the 2900’s that naming things with futuristic names would be pointless, or will everyone still be moaning about the UK being behind large chunks of Europe and the US technologically? Will we ever have decent DSL connections and sensible bandwidth?

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