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Solar Security, Lambeth: sunny

Solar Security

“Solar Security” burglar alarm, Lambeth • It’s a nice sunny colour, but operates in a 100% non-solar-powered fashion. • Spotted: Atlantic Road, Lambeth, London, SW9, England, 2012 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Dulwich and West Norwood

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  1. Sadly closed down by the Trading Standards department of the GLC for breeching the Trade Descriptions Act so I heard… Shame as they really did see into the future with the name didn’t they?

    • Sorry Stuart not true please read the post on Crown Security dated January 8, 2012 where I comment about Solar Security. You can also be bored on the subject of Solar box design copied by Enright Security dated October 6, 2011.

        • Stupid me I did miss your sense of humour – very good. I did work for them in the early 70s and I’m a Fellow of The British Interplanetary Society does that help.

          • I was working practically opposite The British Interplanetary Society yesterday! Always cheers me up when I come out of grim Vauxhall station and see that charming name on the building opposite. And yes, I know it’s a serious space-related think tank and not some bonkers cult about aliens…

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