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Index, Westminster: flash


“Index” burglar alarm, City of Westminster • Quite a striking design with its red reversed-out flash, and one I’ve been waiting to use for ages. Thanks to the power of the triangular trope, here it finally is. • Spotted: Mortimer Street, City of Westminster, London, W1, England, 2012 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Cities of London and Westminster

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  1. I think the UN needn’t worry too much though – and lets be honest a quick flick through these pages shows a lot worse. I wonder if it was made up for a different box and they couldn’t be bothered to edit it? I always found the screening at the Armourflash factory to be pretty good. That’s one of the later (final) models pictured too.

  2. I hope no-one was paid for making this logo, it doesn’t even line up properly.

    If you join the other 3 corners and make it into a rectangle it is on the wonk as the text overflows the box. It either needs moving over to the right a few points or stretching horizontally.

    Either way, it is appalling that catastrophes like this are allowed to happen.

        • Looking at it I think what’s happened is someone has found a rectangle that nearly fits/matches the proportions of the box front and then pasted it in and give it the old ‘that’ll do’.

          The text has been done in isolation of the two tone rectangle and somewhere along the lines the 2 have been stuck on top of each other, the letters reshaded to match the lines and then the lot has been submitted to the printer.

          A little bit more work on making the rectangle the same shape as the rectangle it is going on would have made it work.

            • Well, you never know who will read this. Wouldn’t be surprised if someone crops up with a story about how they designed it on a Friday in the pub for a mate and then it somehow got into production. That sounds reasonably plausible actually…..

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