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Modern Alarms, Camden: algae

Modern Alarms

“Modern Alarms” burglar alarm, Camden • As you can see, I’m posting a run of these clear-capped Eurobells at the moment. Not only does this have the logo both above and below the lid, there’s a circuit board and an algae farm sandwiched between them, which is somewhat distracting. • Spotted: Frognal Way, Camden, London, NW3, England, 2012 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Hampstead and Kilburn

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  1. The classic eurobell design.
    The round eurobells had only one tamper that acted as the wall and screw tamper, the hexagon eurobells had an extra tamper switch for the cover because there was more room inside the hexagon bell box and you could drill the screw head off the round cover effectively defeating the bell box whereas the extra tamper switch in the hexagon bell box made sure that even if you drilled the screw, you simply couldn’t take the cover off the hexagon bell boxs without the bell ringing and believe me, the eurobell is very loud.
    The eurobells always had some sort of sab module in, the early eurobells (1987) had a open relay sab and two 1 ah 6v battery, the later eurobells had an enclosed relay with a nicd on the board.

  2. These boxes came out at the end of the Modern Alarms reign. The supurbly designed Modern chain linked logo and gold lettered service fleet vehicles were about to be swallowed by the American ADT giant.

  3. Eurobell Plus with the white top cover – this was a strobe Unit , the entire front of the box flashed brilliant white – an awesome marker together with the bell and later the siren – you could not miss this one in an alarm state. Not may installed because of the costs at the time .

  4. These Modern Alarms eurobells are very rare where i live. I have only ever seen 2 in my 13 years in the industry. ADT used the same bell and strobe module as the eurobell into the early 2000’s.

  5. I can understand that they need to serve an purpose effectively and the majority of people of people are not as keen as we are about the retro-ness of these boxes – but I still think that these need a preservation order placed on them! I’d think a fair few still work however not heard one ring for a long time

    • I think deterrent wise I’d rather an old Eurobell than a new Odyssey. Looks more professional, and as an installer I know which one I’d see win in a fight. The 20 years old Rapiers are staying on my home alarm!

  6. It’s a shame so many are getting pulled down, but I guess it’s because it’s a bell inside not a siren and people will think its old

    • The main reasons for them being taken down is down to reliability, some no longer work effectively if at all. Also many of the original installation companies have been taken over meaning the box no longer displays the correct company branding. Although i find myself changing them as customers want a modern siren box in order reflect a modern system which acts as a bigger deterrent. The whole job of an alarm system is to deter & detect so a modern box serves a vital role in preventing intrusion.

  7. Hi, the clear eurobells are ones with a strobe light function. The circuit board you can see is the electronics that drive the strobe & the clear lid acts as a secondary cover on top of the standard eurobell cover. Many of these being taken down now as upgrades see them replaced.

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