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Winscomm Burglar Alarm, Frome: alphabetic

“Winscomm Burglar Alarm WSM” burglar alarm, Frome • Another rusty old’un I showed in the distance yonks ago. Note alphabetic phone code, I wonder if W-S-M means Weston-super-Mare? • Spotted: Town centre, Frome, Somerset, BA11, England, 2008 • Politics: In the Liberal Democrat constituency of Somerton and Frome

Winscomm Burglar Alarm WSM

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  1. Today I removed a vintage Winscombe Security Systems fire alarm from the 1960s – and it turns out they were based in Weston, not Winscombe, after all. Arundel Road acording to the label, just for all you A to Z map fans out there.

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