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Granley Security, Camden: GP

“Granley Security” burglar alarm, Camden • So, now onto a run of venerable Granleys. This is a lovely rather 1930s-looking monogram, and I’m guessing it’s the oldest of the boxes I’ll be featuring (which I’m trying to put in age order). It’s the only one to say GP – meaning Granley Protection, presumably. • Spotted: Tottenham Mews, Camden, London, W1, England, 2012 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Holborn and St Pancras

Granley Security

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  1. Hi. The ‘P’ actually stands for Products, as in Granly Products. Granly used to manufacture there own control units, sounders, pressure mats, control units and contacts. There was a link between then and Lou Vales ‘Informer Burglar Alarm’ as he used to sell Granly products. Whilst doing a survey the other day I came across a site with an old Granly TM 16 Control Unit and an RCA Bell.

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