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Securicor Alarms, Bristol: valiant

“Securicor Alarms” burglar alarm, Bristol • A superb vintage find for Christmas day, Securicor in the days when it was branded “vigilant & valiant”. Founded in 1935 as Nightwatch Services, it changed its name to Security Corp in 1951 and Securicor in 1953. The Securicor name disappeared after merging with Group 4 Falck in 2004 – there’s more info here. I wonder when this dates from? I’ve only ever found one other of these, and that had been painted over in black. I think that’s a little bulb at the top, it’s a bit hard to tell. Old-timers will know that this Securicor bell-box indicates I’ll be heading back into Granley territory soon… • Spotted: Braggs Lane, Bristol, Avon, BS2, England, 2013 • Politics: In the Liberal Democrat constituency of Bristol West

Securicor Alarms

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  1. Finally saw the back plate for one of these.
    The back plate was never exactly the same size of the cover because there was needed room for the vents at the bottom.
    The tann bell would have been located on the top right, the wall tamper switch was located top left next to the bell, the cover tamper was located on the bottom right below the bell and the sab module was located bottom middle with a cable entry hole just above.

  2. On my you tube channel audiotron1003 I show off a virtually mint version of this box as I collected them in the early 90s

  3. That bulb at the is know as a strobe but unlike others this one seems to actually have a bulb in which is quite early tech unlike the new one haveing a fine glass tube with a fillement in like magnesium

  4. Happy Christmas !!!!!. Of course, you would expect me to comment. When I was young, if someone would have told me hat I would forget things I would have laughed at them, but now, dates and times are not recalled as they used to be. Based in Victoria, for a short time Securicor Alarms were a major installer. As you say, these boxes are not seen much anymore., although a few exist, one on Kentish Town Road and another on the A40 on the side of a block of Flats heading from Hanger Lane towards Action. The lens at the top did house a pigmy bulb, used as a strobe. The box had a Tann under dome bell and an black plastic encapsulated SAB Module with front and rear anti tamper micro switches. For a short time, upon the merger of Securicior and Granly, white versions of this box were fitted with the ‘Securicor Granly’ logo. Most were replaced with the white washing bowl type Securicor Granly bell.

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