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AFA Burglar Alarm, Tower Hamlets, E1, 2006

“AFA Burglar Alarm” burglar alarm, Tower Hamlets • Or do you think this one’s older than yesterday’s? It looks newer to me, being made of fibreglass and with a swanky logo which continues onto later boxes. Below is a timeline from RCB, which you’ll find here – it sets us up for the variations to come.

I think the “style” of boxes AFA / Thorn used overlapped – as certain boxes at first were only designed to operate with certain control equipment Bearing in mind, the early days of AFA-Minerva were long before any British Standard for security alarms was ever considered. As I see it, the timeline would run kind of as follows (earliest to recent):

  • Oblong boxes branded “AFA Security Systems” (1950s)
  • Drum box branded “AFA Security Systems” (early 60s)
  • Drum box branded “AFA Burglar Alarm” – (early-late 60s)
  • Drum box branded “AFA-Minerva EMI” – (early-mid 70s)
  • Drum box mk1 shallow branded “AFA Minerva” – (mid-late 70s)
  • Drum box mk2 shallow, branded “AFA Minerva EMI” (late 70s onwards)
  • Plastic round box, branded “AFA Minerva – EMI” – (early-mid 80s)
  • Plastic round box, branded “Thorn – EMI” (mid-late 80s)
  • Plastic round box, branded “Thorn Security” (late 80s- early 90s)
  • Plastic round box, branded “Thorn” (early-mid 90s)
  • Plastic round box, branded “Thorn Security” in new logo (mid-late 90s)

The shallower ‘drum’ boxes were designed to fit on newer equipment; there were two versions:

  • Mk1, a shallower version of the familiar large box (with the flanges at the bottom of the lid)
  • Mk 2, slightly shallower, lighter red, and the lid fitted flush to the wall

(Comment by RCB, September 25, 2011 at 2:32 pm)

• Spotted: Sclater Street, Tower Hamlets, London, E1, England, 2006 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Bethnal Green and Bow

AFA Burglar Alarm

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