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AFA Burglar Alarm, Camden, EC1, 2011

“AFA Burglar Alarm” burglar alarm, Camden • Same logo as yesterday, but a square sounder. And obviously a massive pigeon problem. Any knowledge as to the age of this type of box – which looks like it could withstand a tank – is welcome. • Spotted: Clerkenwell Road, Camden, London, EC1, England, 2011 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Holborn and St Pancras

AFA Burglar Alarm

AFA Burglar Alarm

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  1. The square AFA box is a very rare one.
    I my time with Thorn during the 1990s- I saw literally 100s of AFA security alarm system still in service.
    All seemed to have the drum boxes on- either Red, White, and in some cases Blue and Black.
    There were a few of the fibre glass ones knocking about- but not in service.

    The metal square AFA box is indeed a rare one;
    With the AFA logo being screen printed on – it could either be the “pre-Fibre glass” box era and “pre-Autocall” take over (early 60s).

    I do know- when the takeover happened; the “Gtype” and “Stype” control panels and bells (which were fitted by Autocall) became standard kit for AFA in install.

    The both systems consisted of batteries and relays (no mains power) and were totally foolproof.
    AFA-Minerva (1968-69 onwards) still manufactured panels using the same design as the “G” and “S-Type”.
    The most recent panel I ever saw was manufactured & installed in 1976, and was about the size of an average suitcase.
    Id had 15 circuits (Zones), a bell inside the panel, and an in-built post office connection board (to link it to the police station).
    There were also facilities to bolt on other tricks too- as required.

    That panel was finally decommissioned (I gather) in 2006….
    30 years, no false alarms.
    The replacement system has had 2 new panels, and numerous false alarms……. technology eh?

    I’d be intrested to see what was inside the square AFA box (apart from the bell!)

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