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AFA Minerva Thorn EMI, Bath, 2012

“AFA Minerva Thorn EMI” burglar alarm, Bath • Maximum name-ology on what I take to be a plastic drum box and therefore possibly early 1980s. An unusual find because normally the dark panel is blank. Major moss/lichen problems, these West Country boxes. • Spotted: Saracen Street, Bath, Avon, BA1, England, 2012 • Politics: In the Liberal Democrat constituency of Bath

AFA Minerva Thorn EMI

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  1. The dark panel is actually a light or dark blue strobe colour lens and would flash when the alarm went off.

  2. AFA minerva i eworked for for morethan thirty yrears they rather lost their way after being bought by thorn emi the hard working staff could not do enough for customers till a shareholding profit jmaker came along and lost it its grounding prices went sky high customers left we could not get back to where westarted it hjudst doi not have the name ever agin i ewent baxk to elrctrics in the end to escpe company politics it was a pity started in reast london it was the best for many many years not the cheapest but the best

  3. AFA stood for “Associated Fire Alarms”.
    When they took over “Minerva Fire Defence” in the late 60s- it became “AFA-Minerva”.

    Then EMI took it all over during the early 70s.
    By the mid 80s, the “AFA-Minerva” name had been replaced by the Thorn one.

    • I’m not nit picking but one of my famous recollection was of me installing an AFA alarm in Brian Forbes house who at the time was a Director of EMI and he made a joke saying that he was technically my boss, this was in the late 60s or 1970 the latest. I think the story is more interesting than the correct date.

      • I wasn’t about when the takeovers happened.
        Though, my assumption of the dates of the take over are purely based on the information I found at numerous installations- such as when the equipment was “commissioned” or even had a “1st service”- so may not be exact.

        As Mike was actually there- I would support his suggestions more than my misty, fogged memory!
        I always thought the “EMI” bit came a little later for some reason…

  4. The Monopolies and Mergers commission would have a field day! However these is only one if them so I think they are a bit two faced, to be honest…

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