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Thorn Security, City of London, EC2, 2011

“Thorn Security” burglar alarm, City of London • This looks like an original deep drum, but it’s branded simply Thorn Security, which suggests it was updated in the late 1980s or eatly 1990s. Look at the magnificent building it’s on – it’s a  Moorish-style Victorian ex-Turkish baths in the City of London, now re-imagined (unimaginatively) as a very expensive and badly-reviewed nightclub. • Spotted: Bishopsgate Churchyard, City of London, London, EC2, England, 2011 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Cities of London and Westminster

Thorn Security

Thorn Security

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  1. Good grief! Where do you keep finding these rare ones!!!
    That is for certain a ‘re-branded’ one. The only metallic boxes Thorn did fit were the silver high security ones.

    Many of the older systems- esp the AFA kit was so reliable, it wouldn’t give false alarms, and as long as it was regularly serviced – would just plod on.
    I can recall many customers who wouldn’t replace their system- despite it being old.
    Even certain Boots shops and many Rolls Royce sites kept their systems running until the change in the late 90s.

    When ADT took over Thorn, and it’s contracts- intruder alarm regulations, the british standards had changed somewhat- making a lot of these systems non-compliant. Hence the sudden influx of ADT yellow boxes during the late 1990s.

    Its good to see someone has gone to the trouble are tidying up and otherwise rusty old box.
    I wonder if the installation still exists?

  2. Very rare bell box. I have never seen one like this before. The combination of deep metal drum with Thorn Security on it. Good

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