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Standfast Alarms, City of Westminster, SW1, 2005

“Standfast Alarms” burglar alarm, City of Westminster • Here’s another Standfast, somewhat older than yesterday’s and possibly a different firm as it’s all one word. There’s also a firm you see a lot in Kent called Stand-Fast, which may be different again. • Spotted: Vincent Street, City of Westminster, London, SW1, England, 2005 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Cities of London and Westminster

Standfast Alarms

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  1. There’s seems a querk with franchises, it seemed the ex owner of Standfast Sunningdale within months became owner of Index. It’s normal in the alarm industry that the previous owners of companies that have been acquired cannot start another alarm company for three years.

    • I agree. We have made two acquisitions over the years. Each time the previous owns had a two year restriction, in addition they could not operate again within a certain geographic location of the previous base. I’m guessing franchises may be different. In addition you can’t stop someone from earning a living.

      • Yes I wonder how the law stands on this, when I was negotiating the sale of my last company the buyers wanted to apply the three year clause even though after the sale I was going to be employed by them. The clause was dropped but our solicitor did say the same thing, they can’t stop you earning a living especially when you have no other feathers in your cap.

      • Sorry Vici

        I’m normally careful as anything said now could come back and bite us, especially when certain laws are changed in the future which they surely will.

        It was 1982 and sadly I doubt he is still with us, could be wrong though.



  2. Yes Andy you are right about them being franchised with the main office in Kent. Standfast in Sunningdale Surrey was Lander Alarms first acquisition in England following Ready Mix Concrete buying Landers. The owner/s of Standfast Sunningdale left Landers after a while and started Index Security in the same area and are still trading.

  3. Wow, that is an old bell box. Standfast Alarms, many moons ago were a big company. I am led to believe that they were franchised. I think that the only remaining Standfast Alarm is the one in Kent. You may come across an old AFA style fibre glass type bell as well. That’s how long they have been around.

    • There’s one that’s seen better days by where I live and you can see the insides and all there is inside is a master bell. Not even a tamper switch pretty ancient tech.

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