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COL Alarms, Bexhill, 2009

“COL Alarms” burglar alarm, Bexhill • Well this is a miserable old thing. I think it says COL, and there’s some tiny writing underneath that which I can’t read. Maybe it was once beautiful, and the Bexhill sea winds have sandblasted it into anonymity. • Spotted: Marina Arcade, Bexhill, East Sussex, England, 2009 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Bexhill and Battle

COL Alarms

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  1. Ahhhhhh col alarm.
    Col stands for city of London alarms or in some of there later bell box cameo of London alarms. the actual name of the system was home guard 3000 and all it were was a key switch with home guard 3000 on it. Now inside the bell box shown here is a tann bell (the ones with a plastic base) tamper switch and a small little box that was believe it or not the brains of the whole system and sab for the alarm which is why it’s outside not inside.
    The way you would wire the alarm was that you would put a 9v battery in the bell box and connect it to the little circuit board (brains and sab module of the system) which powered the whole system, then you would wire up the negative to the key switch and the positive in series with as much door contacts, pressure pads or panic buttons as you like then once you do that (remember these are in series with the positive of the of the alarm bell box) you wire the series circuit back to the key switch then turn the alarm on, get out the house then your protected with the diy homeguard 3000 system.

  2. Next time I’m back at the village I grew up in I will look at a COL alarm visible from walking on a path, so I can look at in detail at the small writing without making myself look too dodgy to confirm what it says.. I’m sure it says ….. Of …..

        • There is an upmarket ‘country clothes’ shop in a tiny village near us with a shiny rapier ‘Wigan Alarms’ box or something suggesting the installer is a long, long way away. Sells barber coats etc… so I can believe its real and monitored. Odd as you like.

    • Looks like ‘name’ of ‘place’.

      Trying to do super CSI zoom but it’s not working! I’m getting I think ‘Cross of Leeds’? Maybe Cross is too short, think it might be 1 letter more than cross, Leeds might be Lewes?

      I think we need a high res image for sleuthing!

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