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Group 4 Securitas, Lambeth, SE1, 2007

“Group 4 Securitas” burglar alarm, Lambeth • Same shape as yestarday’s, and the classic 1970s design of Securitas (a name which somehow I always found rather sinister), now bolted onto the aspiring security behemoth that was Group 4. • Spotted: Lower Marsh, Lambeth, London, SE1, England, 2007 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Vauxhall

Group 4 Securitas

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  1. The plastic Group 4 bell box is in good condition seeing as it is at least 24 years old. I believe Moderns brought group 4 in 1990 the same year as they purchase Telecom Security (Part of British Telecom).
    The second Group 4 box featured must be at least 30 years old.

    Sonitrol used the same shape bell box as the plastic group 4 one, I would be surprised if Vici has found a Sonitrol version of the one above. Best place to find one would be on an ex Currys store.

      • That’s the one. You literally have every bell box in the UK in your collection. Do you have the newer versions of a sonitrol bell box shaped like the ADT box but they are white and blue or there is a white one with the same logo as above? Sonitrol was part of Tyco and merged with ADT in about 2003. They were based in Manchester and had their own monitoring station which they shared with moderns/ADT. They had about 50 engineers nationwide. They used the 4250 alarm panel which had audio verification built into it.
        The name Sonitrol came from the words sound and control. It was a US company that started in pest control. To detect rodents they would put microphones in the cavities of walls in properties. They came up with the idea of combining microphones in an intruder alarm to verify whether or not there was an intruder on site as the monitoring station could listen to live audio on site.

        • Thanks for the history, I wondered if the name referred to sound, now I know it refers to pest control with microphones. Bonkers! I have, I think, 2 other Sonitrols, certainly one is a white and blue ADT shape as described above. Need to keep my powder dry, I will be posting them in a few months when I revisit the audio theme. The Sonitrol in my comment will also make another appearance in the main blog at some point and I shall doubtless link back to your informative comment here…

          • Your most welcome Vici. I look forwards to you posting the above. Since being in the industry I have been interested in the history of alarm companies and their bell boxes and it been great to stumble across your blog.

  2. Hi Vici,I’ve sent you a photo of another Group4 box which looks older again -taken in Sauchiehall St, Glasgow. I’m interested in the history of technology and electronics and follow your blog with interest, keep up the good work! .. Jon

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