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Abbey Alarms Ltd, Camden, WC1, 2013

“Abbey Alarms Ltd” burglar alarm, Camden • Not massively exciting-looking, but quite old. • Spotted: Southampton Row, Camden, London, WC1, England, 2013 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Holborn and St Pancras

Abbey Alarms Ltd

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  1. I agree with Mike for sure. This certainly looks like an old Solar Bell Box. Other than the variant used by Enright Security I have never seen anyone use this sounder case. I have looked up Abbey Alarms Limited, who I have never heard of before. They did exist, but don’t anymore. The registered office was in Ireland. I suspect that this box started life as a Solar Security Alarm and changed to this form at some point.

    • Andy if you look at the Solar box on this site it is slightly different, it has more vents for one thing. I was a supervisor at Solar in the early 70s, not sure who made boxes and if there were different models. Thanks for remembering us but it’s definitely not an Enright as I designed it and it was a larger square box to accommodate metal plates down the inside sides between the lid fixing bolts and the bell to stop foam reaching the bell, which commented about yesterday on the Honeywell box.

      • Who made the Enright bell box for you? What did it have in it? I remember seeing them in either yellow or white. Its funny, how, from the high security bell boxes with anti foam detectors and some even being double skin with electrically isolated covers, how we have gone to plastic bell box.

        • The metal box was made by Albart Engineering in Sheerness Kent or in that area, they were delivered to Plastic Coatings in Guildford Surrey to be coated then empty box came to us in Wimbledon where our apprentices fitted all the components including the anti foaming aluminium plates inside. They had a Friedland bell, S A module possibly Radiovisor, a 1.9 Ah battery that would self actuate for days don’t know why we used them rather than a deac, surface contact for lid tamper and my unique invention of a piece of lacing wire fitted by the installer that would go through an eye screwed into the wall seems crude but we had over the previous years a lot of problems with ordinary tamper switches, fitted thousands of systems with no problems from this tamper method. Eddy Enright insisted the boxes should be visible including at night so we fitted white boxes majority of the time except if the property had white walls then we fitted yellow boxes, he would be in his glory now with boxes having flashing LEDs on them. The dummy was just a cover fitted on a metal bracket.

          • Wow…I bet those bell boxes, once compete cost a few quid. I bet that Albert Engineering had ceased by the time you started Westec, otherwise you would have got them to make Westec sounders. Our covers are red with white livery, when requested, or on a listed building we fit white covers with black livery. Our dummy’s are just a cover screwed to the wall, although we are talking to Elmdene about make a back plate which will have dummy battery operated LEDS so they match exactly, our live sounders.

            • They wouldn’t have been too expensive, buying 30 live & 30 dummys a month we would have got a good deal.although like CIA we believed in fitting quality equipment, callouts are expensive in the early days, what with the guarantee and wanting engineers out installing not servicing.

        • As with everything these days, it is all down to price. I hate fitting bells, they are all rubbish in one way or another really but I’d not be fitting many alarms if I just specced Rapiers or Bentleys.

          • When requested, we specify Rapiers, but we don’t have any livery on them. I looked at the Bentley sounder last night on there web site….may give them a call and see where I can get them from. I don’t think ADI sell them.

            • I haven’t got as far as finding prices for the Bentley sounders but I do like the look of them over the Rapier. Rapiers are easier to get hold of though for the odd high security job that crops up.

  2. The box looks very similar to a Solar Security box with the blanking grommets covering the holes on the front. Why couldn’t the person who stuck the individual letters on get ALARMS in the middle.

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