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AFA Burglar Alarm, Edinburgh, 2012

“AFA Burglar Alarm” burglar alarm, Edinburgh • Not so much trapped as framed – and it’s obviously been there a long time. • Spotted: Candlemaker Row, Edinburgh, EH1, Scotland, 2012 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Edinburgh East

AFA Burglar Alarm

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  1. That’s in pretty good condition for it’s age.
    I think someone asked somewhere…..
    AFA started out in the early 1900s manufacturing fire alarm equipment.
    “Autocall” and AFA were merged in 1963.
    AFA were then able to offer Fire/Security alarms, grilles, locks etc.

    Both AFA and Minerva Fire Defence were brought by EMI during 1968/9; again the two merged together- “AFA-Minerva – EMI”

    Hope that helps putting a date on how old the boxes are.
    I’d think the box in the picture is 1963/4.

    According to installation paperwork I saw while at Thorn; it looks as if the drum boxes seem have been introduced around 1964 onwards.

    I found some circuit diagrams for the old G-type controller the other day.
    They were updated versions of the Autocall drawings- these dated 1964 too.

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