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Lander, Wandsworth, 2002


“Lander” burglar alarm, Wandsworth • The classic double L monogram of Lander, also making a diamond. You can find some other Lander boxes here• Spotted: Khyber Road, Wandsworth, London, SW11, England, 2002 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Battersea

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  1. In the very early 1990’s I was a ‘Service Engineer Slave’ for Modern Alarms. Modern had previously acquired Lander. I remember that most of the ‘Lander jobs’ were a ‘nightmare’ and their Clients had nothing good to say about them. I did however like a couple of their products (had they been fitted correctly in the first place).

  2. This is a Lander Alarm label on top of a Enright Security bell box (which I designed), the label has been applied after April 1982 when Landers (Ready Mix Concrete) acquired Enrights. It looks like not all the rubber blanking grommets are there.

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