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Capital Security Alarms Ltd, Islington, 2008

Capital Security Alarms Ltd

“Capital Security Alarms Ltd” burglar alarm, Islington • A word with many meanings – cities, money, excellence, and a bit of a pillar – rendered in a top 1970s disco font. It’s the only example I’ve ever found of this firm. The fax number is a bit of a giveaway to its age. • Spotted: Compton Street, Islington, London, EC1, England, 2008 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Islington South and Finsbury

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  1. Going on the basis that people (awkward, belligerent people) still use fax machines and demand that no other method of communication is acceptable I’d disagree with the statement that the fax number dates it. What does date it is the pre-phoneday mobile number. :)

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