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Nameless oxidised alarm, Lambeth, 2011

Nameless burglar alarm, Lambeth • Another one which may not be a burglar alarm. It’s essentially an oxidised hunk of metal with a hole in the bottom (which suggests there may have been a strobe there). It was situated high above a scary railway arch caff called Enis, famous because a) Enis once locked in some people who complained about his horrible food, and b) some wag painted a ‘P’ before the Enis. It’s now a Subway, and minus the possible bell box. • Spotted: Waterloo Road, Lambeth, London, SE1, England, 2011 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Vauxhall

NoName (Enis)

NoName (Enis)

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  1. I know where vicci was going with this, it looks like an old BAT alarm or active alarm where this box is very common in Birmingham.. But it’s in London.
    Happy new year everyone!

  2. Not entirely convinced, looks more like a hopper or other pipe/large conduit joint. A strobe wouldn’t have a 2″ hole behind it ordinarily.

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