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Group 4, Leeds, 2014

“Group 4” burglar alarm, Leeds • Given a few of the rusties have in fact proved to be non-burglar alarms, I’ll do a couple more that definitely are bell boxes. This one was found high on a wall (below) at the old textile mill housing Leeds Industrial Museum. • Spotted: Armley Mills Industrial Museum, Canal Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS12, England, 2014 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Leeds Central

Group 4

Group 4

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  1. There the worst. They used a pendulum bell and nothing else but the screws were tamper proof so I’ll give it that

  2. Back then those alarms where the best on the market. It takes inspiration from the cubbs with the vents at the bottom facing sideways and the chloride gent bell. Its truly a godly alarm.

  3. I can remember seeing this same alarm on a friend’s parent’s house in the early 80s. The installation was virtually invisble, I don’t remember seeing any wiring, there seemed to be just tiny circular magnetic contacts on each door, nothing else visible, amazing work!

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