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Security Hub UK, Security, 2013

“Security Hub UK Ltd” burglar alarm, Coventry • Monogram combining two Us and a T in the middle. Found in Coventry’s concrete-tastic shopping precinct, the UK’s first such edifice. • Spotted: Shopping Precinct, Hertford Street, Coventry, Warwickshire, CV1, England, 2013 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Coventry South

Security Hub UK Ltd

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  1. Haha yes ISS you are wrong, go back and replace all your bellboxes you been putting up for years! These are those strange boxes that have the LED that produces as you can see and is meant to illuminate the front at night. Personally I think out of illuminated boxes, the deltabell is a more simplified design.

    • Yes, that is why I fit the Deltabell. :) Not overly impressed with the backlit ones, they just make the front look like some blue box with an overpowered LED in the bottom, totally defeats the object of bothering I think. Still, makes it stand out which is what I think the effect they were after was. 5,000x better than these Risco ones though, which are useless, awful and fugly.

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