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CR Security Systems, Oxford, 2012

CR Security Systems

CR Security Systems, Hollybush Row, Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX1, England, 2012

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  1. Very big in Oxfordshire and first established in about 1978 until Chubb acquired them who are based in Abingdon. CR where first established in about 1978, some of their c type boxes such as this have the very first strobes that are orange and have a white plastic base, makes it look very old fashioned, placed on top of box.

    • Ahhhh couldn’t remember who CR were acquired by – thanks. Many firms used to put there strobes on the top of the bell box until the NSI/NACOSS (or in the case of CR, probably the NSCIA) started deviating for this practice on the basis that a strobe mounted on the top of a bell box or on its front face cold be used as a lasso point. Of course, all strobes are now built integrally into the sounder unit.

  2. Back in the day, CR Security Systems were a large company. CR Security was the trading name of a company called Levenroy. Limited. Mind gone to mush….cant recall who acquired them. They were based in or around Oxford.

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