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Ambassador, Southwark, 2010


Ambassador, Grange Road, Southwark, London, SE1, England, 2010 • I’ve got about a million of these, here’s another. And that’s enough faded alarms.

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  1. Another one of these weird group 4 bell boxs.
    The bell box shown above is not the same box as the group 4 box although they look very similar.
    This box only has 3 screws (two on the right side and one at the bottom where the tamper switch is held in) whereas the group 4 has four screws (all at the front of the box where the sticker is).
    Another observation ive made is the group 4 has (what i like to call) anti foam vents which are vents that have been closed in a little more to stop expending foam from getting in.
    This bell box doesn’t have anti foam vents, it has normal vents instead and it only has six whereas the group 4 has nine (three on each side and another three on the front).

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