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Beacon Alarms, Wendover, 2014

Beacon Alarms

Beacon Alarms, Wendover, Buckinghamshire, 2014

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    • Yep, still waiting to see one of mine on the blog. Vici’s camera has been within a few metres of one of mine on several occasions in several different towns!

      The day I see one of mine here I can happily say I have made it. :)

        • ISS was just 3 random letters I typed into the box the first time I made a comment. I’ll see if I can find some contact details for you and tell you where you were close. There aren’t that many of my boxes out there, just so happens they are strategically placed at Vici hotspots!

            • It’s not so much that I’m not willing to disclose one (otherwise what would be the point in putting them up!) I just feel that it is cheating, and I look on others that ask for their boxes to be featured with disdain. Pretty sure you have told people the same in the past as well.

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