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Casa, Bath, 2013

Casa Stuart Feltham 800px

Casa, St Catharine’s Close, Bath, Avon, 2013 (photo by Stuart Feltham) • As already stated, my daily alarms are soon coming to an end (though I will still add some now and then). I am also posting a few bell boxes that commenters have sent over the years, which I didn’t find myself. To set the ball rolling, here is the Casa bell box of regular and valued commenter Stuart Feltham. In 2013 I had a stars theme, and he sent me this image of a star (kind of) on his own bell box. He said: “Don’t end the stars theme, oh dear too late! Here belatedly is my old box, as promised quite some time ago. Unfortunately most metal ones are looking very sad very quickly, and most of those customers still with me have had plastic ones by now.” I never came across one myself, despite multiple visits to Bristol and Bath, but it’s a great logo so I’d definitely have photographed it if I’d seen one.

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  1. The logo is entirely my own work (as if that wasn’t obvious!) and consists of my interpretation of an adastral star [] which was adopted by Rediffusion from an old MOD building they moved into, but then by various nefarious corporate manoeuvres ended up being used on Shorrock Alarm bellboxes and various other companies too, such as Biffa (Bacon?) waste and Initial. []. It also bears a passing resemblance to the older design of BS sign depicting a fire point [] although most nowadays look lik this []. The text is simply manipulated Helvetica – and I do mean Helvetica not Arial, as it wasn’t originally designed on a Windows PC! We still use this logo on paperwork but our bells are now white logo on red plastic; with the exception of the very expensive Stainless Steel options still popular on listed buildings that continue to be red. Thanks again for posting Vici!

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