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Group 4, Glasgow, 2007


Group 4, Glasgow, 2007 (photo by John Medley) • This alarm was sent by John Medley in 2014 (though it’s dated 2007 on the image); it’s a type of Group 4 box I never found. He said: “These were around in the 70s I think, later followed by a rectangular version. I’m sure there will be experts reading your site who can shed more light. I saw it in Glasgow on a shop front.” Definitely looks quite old to me.


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  1. These were around in the mid 80s i think which if i’m right then it might come as a shock to people since they do look very 1970s.
    If i can remember then they had a mylar cone speaker inside with a sab module and a micro switch on the cover and on the rear.
    These are very similar to the hoover thief check alarms.
    The early box shaped group 4 alarms came about in the late 70s early 80s.

  2. They were designed with sloping sides to make it more difficult for a rope to be tied round (then to a Vehicle) and pulled of wall.

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