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Looking for a particular firm? All my posts are listed here in date order, from the most recent to the oldest. They would be more useful arranged  alphabetically, but WordPress can’t do that, so use a page search to find specific items.

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  1. I have just discovered your blog and am really impressed. I have been a burglar alarm enthusiast since the 1970s, when I would note down the name whenever I saw a new one, and sometimes sketch them. My book at its peak held over 300 alarm names (I was a child and my resources to travel around seeking alarms were limited – my collection was mainly centred on Manchester/Cheshire). The retro ones are my favourites – it’s good to see a few of the old favourites such as ‘Rely-a.-Bell’ and ‘Modern’ with its chain-link logo are still around. My hobby has been lying dormant for a few years and I must say I found the sheer proliferation of new companies rather overwhelming. But your collection could inspire me to take it up again.
    I had particular favourites, and remember ‘Ganyard’ (seen in Stockport) with a nice pentagonal box in British racing green, and the grandiose ‘Excelsior’ and ‘Elysian’ which were vintage even then! Wish I could remember more, but I lost the book somewhere over the decades…

    • Thanks, what an amazing comment! Welcome to the blog, you will be able to comment on any post without waiting for moderation in future. I am so sorry you lost your book of burglar alarm drawings, that would probably classify as art these days. I’d certainly love to find one of those green pentagonal Ganyards…

    • Found this impressive and interesting site by chance, as a lock collector. You probably have a better knowledge of design than many in the alarm industry. The Chubb Delta was one of the early self-activated bells. That is, it contains its own battery, and anti-tamper switches so that even if ripped off the wall it will still ring.

    • Hi, thanks for your interest, but it doesn’t work like that. I have to spot an alarm box “in the wild”, and photograph it myself. Then it has to fall into one of my self-defined categories, and then I have to be doing a run of that category. So even after I’ve photographed an alarm it can be ages before I feature it, even if I really like it. Actually I’ve never seen any of Brix Secure, but now I know they exist I’ll keep my eyes peeled, looks like they are mainly midlands-based, and fall in the “swoosh” category…

    • I do have one – it just hasn’t been published yet. I have hundreds and hundreds of alarms still to publish, so it will turn up one day. I can picture it in my mind so it’s obviously quite memorable!

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