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Westinghouse Electronics, Hull, 2013

Westinghouse Electronics

“Westinghouse Electronics” burglar alarm, Kingston upon Hull • I like this, a 1980s-looking “W” made out of some kind of wiring diagram. Westinghouse are a huge firm, but I’ve ths is the only bell box I’ve seen their name on. • Spotted: Paragon Street, Kingston upon Hull, East Yorkshire, HU1, England, 2013 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Hull West and Hessle

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  1. I believe they owned Westec Security one of the largest domestic alarm companies in USA where they don’t have bell boxes their systems are normally silent, they have Yardsticks that are small poles with the badge of the alarm company on top stuck in the front lawn. Also there is a connection of the Directors, managers or some one from Westec after the sale starting Protection One who later moved into the UK in 1985 and sold to ADT in 2001. Myself and Eddy Enright started Westec Security in the UK in 1985 and sold to ADT on the same day as Protection One in 2001 but there was absolutely no connection, we were told of the acquisition a few hours before we sold.
    Vici how about starting a collection of yardsticks?

  2. There are some great alarms in Hull, as was mentioned a few posts back. I like the mosaic background to this one, and the name of the street.

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